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"Rachael's massage treatments have been an integral part of my cancer recovery over the past year. She delivers an incredible somatic healing experience with utmost care and a high degree of professionalism. I am just so grateful my daughter found you, Rachael, you are such a blessing in our lives." ~ Kate P


"Rachael takes the time to get to know her clients. She is warm & intuitive. Definitely the best massage therapist on the mountain. I would highly recommend her." ~ Jane S

"I've been a client of Rachael for a few years in which time she has established her own business, Lumiere Natural Therapies which encompasses the various treatment areas of wellness and rehabilitation. Rachael has looked after me with different forms of massage therapy and Reiki, the latter Rachael achieved the highest status - that of level seven Reiki master. Rachael possesses special gifts which she translates to her clients and 'tunes in' to the individual's needs with wonderful techniques, really connecting on every level. She has a beautiful, charismatic personality and is thorough and professional in her approach to her profession. I feel privileged to know her and have her as my masseuse. She has certainly helped me over the years and I look forward to a long association with her as a big part of my wellness program." ~ Jennifer Bermingham, OAM

"Rachael is an amazing massage therapist and facialist and is a beautiful, caring person. I have been to her for remedial massages myself and continue to see her for massage and facials. She recently also did a massage for my son who is 9. She did such a great job, tailoring a massage and mini facial for him. I was in the room the whole time (she has a lovely huge room which allows this) and you could see he was so relaxed the whole time. He definitely enjoyed his massage and I will be sure he gets to experience this even more as he grows. Thank you Rachael for being so amazing!" ~ Donna M​

"I'm an extremely busy business owner who simply never has time for herself. I don't know how to relax as there's simply too much going on in my head! WELL, I've just had the most AMAZING massage by the warm and lovely Rachael at Lumiere. Rachael has beautiful healing hands coupled with her sensual oil blends, she had me in a state of calm within minutes. This is simply unheard of for me.

THANK YOU Rachael - I'm floating on air and smell wonderful. I highly recommend Rachael at Lumiere to anyone who truly wants a real mind, body and soul experience." ~ Lorraine A ​

"Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had some Reiki treatments with Rachael. My nerves were shattered after being diagnosed and I found the treatments so calming and soothing to a very sad soul. I can't recommend her highly enough. I have also had treatment with her for a bad knee and that worked wonderfully too. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a massage or some Reiki.. It is so worthwhile and Rachael is wonderful."

~ Livonne L​​

"I’ve been struggling with referred sacrum pain all week. After having Rachael work on me I feel amazing. Walking without the pain and irritation. My overall well being feels improved 100%." ~ Julie P (Remedial Massage Therapist)

"One of the best massages I have ever had! You can tell right away Rachael is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field. I can always count on leaving her feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on any challenge. Very inviting atmosphere and the aromatherapy and heated table is a true plus.Also a very kind and nice person to have met.I highly recommend" ~ Kelly Y

"Rachael is doing work for Cancer Wellness in the Blue Mountains and it is my good fortune to be one of her Reiki clients there. She is a lovely sensitive soul who transfers these qualities into her Reiki work. Together with a love and gift for Reiki this all manifests in the divine healing I receive. My good fortune." ~ Warwick K

"I love Lumiere Therapies ~ Rachel is by far the best massage therapist in the Mountains!! Set in a beautiful space at The Carrington Hotel, and lots of tender loving care in every treatment." ~ Siobhan M

"I've been to Lumiere Reiki a few times now, Rachel is so lovely and friendly. After each session I feel so wonderful and relaxed. I highly recommend this service" ~ Kasia T

"Having never tried Reiki I was slightly sceptical as to its purpose, but had been dealing with increasing stress levels at work and figured that this might just help me. Rachael made me feel so comfortable and explained her processes for channelling energy. After an hour on the table I emerged wonderfully at peace with a sensation of tranquility that I had not felt in quite a while. This is definitely something I need to do again to keep my mind focused and all the stresses of life at bay. Thank you Rachael and your healing hands!"

~ Adelle S (Physiotherapist)​

"I am not, naturally one to have or enjoy a massage. And Reiki? A secret martial art practised by blind, hunchbacked ninjas as far as I knew. 

But I am now a convert.

Rachael practises her art and trade with such skill and practise whilst being incredibly grounded and caring toward the clients circumstance and need. The positive effects of both the massage therapy and the reiki were undeniable, both physically and mentally.

I even sent my dear old parents to Lumiere and they too, despite their ye old worldy British ways, are converts too.

Can’t recommend the experience enough." ~Richard A

"The whole treatment was excellent. Rachael is amazing. She worked problem areas and was very professional. I felt a lot less tense and more relaxed. She has an excellent healing touch and a lot of intuition. Highly recommend!"

~ Melissa S

"Rachael is a gifted massage therapist - her massages are always such a fabulous experience. She combines strength and gentleness, and demonstrates a great deal of expertise." ~ Dianne S

"Rachael is very warm & lovely and has exceptional service.

Her massages are the perfect balance of relaxation & remedial for sore tight muscles.

I highly recommend Rachael and her services" ~ Elise B

"Thank you, Rachael for your skilful and pampering experience. I would certainly recommend your services. Thank you too for your generousity to Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group, which is how i came to be at Lumiere Natural Therapies - shows your hear as well as your hands are in the right place." ~ Christine W

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