About Rachael

Lumiére Natural Therapies was founded by Rachael, a dedicated mother of three who carries with her a lifelong passion for Holistic therapy. She is an eternal student when it comes to the body, mind and spirit and their deep connections with each other. 


A certified remedial massage therapist and 6th Degree Reiki Master,  she runs her business from Katoomba's finest Hotel - The Carrington. As part of her holistic approach to care, Rachael specialises in Swedish, Remedial, Myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, Reiki & Reflexology.


She began studying, The Original Seven Level System of Reiki in 2009, continuing her studies and graduating as a Reiki Master Practitioner in 2014. She then went on to complete her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2019. Rachael has applied her techniques in far reaching and varied fields, including palliative care in various nursing homes across NSW.

Having a commitment to community service, Rachael is also certified in Community Service, including alcohol and drug addiction and mental health. 


Rachael has also applied her care to a number of respected medical establishments and is recommended by General Practitioners and physiotherapists in her area. She has provided long term Reiki care to patients of the Cancer Wellness Support organisation, as well as palliative therapies to numerous aged care facilities throughout New South Wales.


Understanding the great need for human connection and touch from the moment we are born right up until the end of life, Rachael  is committed to making it her life purpose to provide a service which empowers and nurtures the human spirit.


Our Dedication to you


At Lumiere Natural Therapies we nurture the light that resides in each being. We nourish it through ancient healing and massage and allow it to shine brightly within you.

Lumiere is a French word which simply translates to ‘light.’

Light is life energy. Light is you.

Allow yourself to become illuminated at Lumiere Natural Therapies.